As the internet becomes more widely used, the newspaper industry declines.  In recent years, newspaper critics have been ‘laid off’ as people have ditched printed reviews for social networking and blogging.  This increase in blogs means that anyone is free to have an opinion, create discussions and collaborative reviews.  Democratisation is becoming the norm as more and more people enter into the blogging world.  I myself am currently undertaking a Theatre Criticism course at university and have started writing reviews and posting blogs.  I have begun to ask the question can anyone be a theatre critic?  Is there a certain authority and experience that comes with being a theatre critic?  In an age where mass media consumption is expanding and newspapers declining one has to assess the dilemma of whether anyone can become a theatre critic. Continue reading ‘Can anyone be a theatre critic?’

Two weeks ago I went to see a piece of children’s theatre called ‘The Forest’ at The Lyric Hammersmith.  Having never seen children’s theatre before, I had many expectations about what I was going to see.  I was hoping that I would see some creative children’s theatre that would inspire  me for my advanced theatre production.  However this was not the case. Continue reading ‘‘The Forest’ – The Lyric Hammersmith, London’

The Tony Award Winning Avenue Q is certainly not your typical musical.  Written by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx and loosely based on the children’s television show ‘Sesame Street’, the musical consists of a number of puppets which are operated by actors, in full view of the audience.  However, unlike Sesame Street, this musical is definitely not for children.  Taboo themes such as race, sexuality and porn are openly discussed through the use of memorable songs, such as ‘The Internet Is for Porn’ and ‘Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist’.  Despite the plan to end its run, Avenue Q moved from The Noël Coward Theatre to The Gielgud Theatre, demonstrating that the musical remains popular with audiences.  Directed by Jason Moore and with its use of comic timing, risqué topics and refreshing lyrics, Avenue Q gives audiences the opportunity to reflect on the similarities between the puppets’ lives and their own.

daniel boys Continue reading ‘Avenue Q Review – Gielgud Theatre, London’